Summer Assignments

If you are taking a computer science course at Westhill next year, your summer assignments may be found on upper portion of this page. For information about summer internships, please click here.

  1. If you are taking Intro to Computer Science or Advanced Computer Science AB, there is no summer assignment.
  2. If you are taking AP Computer Science Principles, your sole summer assignment consists of reading the book, Blown to Bits, shown below. This book is available for free over the Internet by clicking on the image, below. Note that throughout the year, you will be given quizzes on the vocabulary and other content from this book. In addition, your midterm and final, which are administered by the National Science Foundation, include a significant amount of material from this book.
  3. If you are taking AP Computer Science A, your summer assignment can be found by registering for Mr. Sarkar's AP Computer Science A class on the Internet. Here are your instructions for doing this:

    You must first log into your school Google account, the one that begins with your Westhill ID and ends with (If you do not have access to your school Google account, you may use your personal account. However, at the beginning of the school year, you may have to transfer your work to your school account.)
    Next, go to Westhill's AP CSA on-line course. Register for this course by pressing the REGISTRATION button. Enter your name where indicated.

    Once registered, you should have access to the on-line materials. Your summer assignments consist of you completing Units 1,2 & 3 of this on-line course. Units 1 and 2 are required while Unit 3 is optional. The approximate completion time for Unit 1 is 1 hour, for Unit 2 is 2 hours and for Unit 3 is 10 hours.

    Unit 1 will show you how to install Java and BlueJ on your home PC as well as how to sign up for some free on-line tools we will be using throughout the course. Unit 2 will give you some lessons on how to convert between decimal, binary and hexadecimal numbers. Everyone must complete Unit 1. If you have taken AP CSP previously, you have already completed Unit 2.

    Unit 3, if you choose to do it, will give you an introduction to the Java programming language. Even though material from Unit 3 will be re-taught at the beginning of the year, you are strongly encouraged to do Unit 3 if you have no previous programming experience. Do not be concerned if you cannot get all of this Unit finished before school starts - just do your best. All of you who have previously taken a programming course with Mr. Sarkar have already completed Unit 3.
    After school begins, we will have an exam on the material presented in Unit 2, to verify that you have completed your summer assignment on binary and hexadecimal number systems. Thus, there is nothing for you to submit from the summer work.

    If you have any difficulties with this process, please do not hesitate to email me at